The Marathonian Balm

The Marathonian Balm


• Artistic Direction
• Visual Identity
• Graphic Design
• Packaging Design
• Web Design


Design and creation of the visual identity of the brand “THE MARATHONIAN BALM”.
Logo, graphic design, packaging design, graphic variations on print & amp; digital, Web Design and development of the e-commerce site.


THE MARATHONIAN BALM was conceived and developed by Tatiana Feit, a former high-level tennis player who was unable to find a product on the market that could relieve all the pains in her feet.
Unable to find a product that would put an end to her painful feet, Tatiana Feit set decided to create one herself.
“I wanted to create a high-performance product that is accessible to all athletes, to reduce foot pain during and after exercise.”
Tatiana Feit


THE MARATHONIAN BALM was conceived, developed and perfected on French soil.

  • Identity
  • Merchandising
  • Print
  • Webdesign